It starts
within us.

What’s within us here has an incredible impact everywhere.

At the University of Richmond, we’re ambitious, curious, and determined. Our ambition drives us to dream big. Our curiosity inspires us to seek more. And our determination fuels us to accomplish our goals, letting no obstacle stand in our way. These are the traits that make us Spiders, and they give us the unique ability to create positive change in communities, organizations, and businesses that span the globe.

See why the traits within us are important for all that’s around us.

Boldly Ambitious

We actively pursue every goal, continuously seeking out ways to improve, expand, and evolve. It is our goal to achieve more — not just for our own gain, but for everything we can accomplish together.

Charting a path to the Arctic, and for herself

Alum Rylin McGee has traveled thousands of miles and created new curricular pathways -- daring moves in pursuit of goals she developed much younger.

Shaping the next generation of scientists

Professor Carol Parish is diversifying the pipeline of students pursuing careers in the sciences and providing the guidance that equips them to excel.

Seizing opportunities to make a mark in medicine

Throughout his journey from Ghana to Richmond, senior biochemistry and molecular biology major Henry Dwaah has kept his focus on making his mark in medicine.


We revel in the discovery of new knowledge and venture to ask, “What more?” With every question comes new ideas, new possibilities, and new opportunities — and we explore them all.

Advancing a culture of civic engagement

Alumna Alicia Jiggetts is examining the role of self in building stronger communities.

Vehicular Rats Change Course of Neuroscience

Professor Kelly Lambert is forging new ground in understanding how our experiences and environment influence our brains' ability to adapt.

Examining the realities of self-identity

Professor Bert Ashe is using black literature and the lessons of his own self-exploration to help students shape their understanding of themselves.

Tirelessly Determined

We approach every problem with perseverance, and we don’t take “no” for an answer. By carefully analyzing every side of the issue, we reveal new ways to move forward and propel lasting change.

Leveling the playing field in international sports

Law professor Andy Spalding is fighting corruption in international sports, enabling athletic achievement to triumph over unscrupulous instincts.

Conviction gives voice to the enslaved

Richmond professor Monti Datta is shining a spotlight on modern-day slavery and sowing the seeds of abolition.

Tenacity brings injustice to the surface

Chris Hamby is exposing the prevalence of black lung in Appalachian miners and uncovering a pattern of questionable ethical behaviors behind it.

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